What We Offer

WordPress Maintenance & Support Services

Site Speed Optimisation

Having a fast website is crucial, not just for enhancing user experience but also for boosting your Google search rankings. We aim to ensure your website loads in less than two seconds, all while improving your Core Web Vitals.

We will optimise your image files, enable auto compression, enable lazy loading, fix render-blocking resources, minify codes & review server response times.

We'll be keeping a watchful eye on your website's speed and maintaining the improvements for the entirety of your plan.

Weekly WordPress Updates

Managed WP hosts offer automatic updates. But they might not always prevent unexpected site alterations or help with plugin conflict resolution.

Our team perform comprehensive updates every week. We meticulously update core files, plugins, and themes, all while keeping a close eye on potential issues. Our manual and automated checks of your website before and after updates guarantee a seamless experience for your visitors.

Basic On Page SEO Service

We provide basic wordpress on page seo services. We can install & configure SEO plugins, optimise site url, create internal links, configure XML sitemap, optimise title, header & ALT tags, fix meta descriptions and more.

Secure Cloud Hosting

We work with any website regardless of hosting provider.

But if you're dissatisfied with your existing hosting provider, we can seamlessly migrate your website to our high-speed and secure cloud server. You'll receive 1 GB of storage and 10 GB of bandwidth at no additional cost.

Daily Cloud Backups

We securely back up your entire website to our dependable cloud server. Even in the event of a server crash, your website data will remains intact. In the rare event that restoration is necessary, we handle it with the utmost urgency.

We maintain a comprehensive 30-day backup history. This means we can restore your site to any point in the past 30 days. We use our own server for backup. So it won't impact your hosting plan's storage capacity.

Google Analytics Integration

We can set up Google Analytics 4 for your website. We can also help you understand and leverage your data to make better business decision.

Emergency Support

If any crisis emerges, we take swift actions. We also keep you in the loop with regular email updates throughout the crisis. If site restoration becomes necessary, we can carry it out quickly and effortlessly using our backup services.

Unlimited Website Edit

We generally cover any tasks that can be completed in the WordPress dashboard and require less than 30 minutes.

We can:

  •   • Edit content on any page or post
  •   • Change images
  •   • Add new images or text to existing pages
  •   • Publish new posts & pages
  •   • Modify banners, headers or footers content
  •   • Install pre-built plugins & adjust plugin settings
  •   • Troubleshoot erros
  •   • Make CSS adjustments
  •   • On Page SEO
  •   • And More

    • In our Starter plan, we offer 1 hour of content edit. In our Professional & Advanced plan, we offer unlimited content edit. And when we say unlimited, we really mean it. You can send us as many 30 minutes tasks as you require.

      Unlimited edits don't cover:

      •   • Custom development (PHP, creating new plugins or themes)
      •   • Updating theme or plugin code
      •   • Developing new landing page layout, contact form or new website
      •   • Content creation or copywriting
      •   • Graphics design work

      We typically complete each request within 24-48 hours.

Security Optimisation & Malware Cleanup

Your website's safety and security are paramount to us. We employ a comprehensive array of proactive measures to ensure continuous protection for your site.

We establish a robust firewall, employ intelligent IP tracking, roactively thwart brute force attacks, conduct automated daily scans for malware and malicious code, fortify your database against SQL injection attacks, and facilitate the installation of an SSL certificate.

For added security, we can set up 2-factor authentication, modify your login URL, enforce strong passwords for new users, filter out comment spam, manage inactive plugins, and optimise your WordPress database.

If malware is detected on your website, we immediately conduct a thorough malware removal operation.

24/7 Security Monitoring

Our automated tools monitor your website in real time. We can swiftly respond to any security incidents and adjust security measures.

Unlimited Bug Fixes

We will fix any bugs your WordPress website is facing, no matter how big or small.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Our automated tool check your website every five minutes to make sure it's up and running smoothly. If anything goes wrong, we will urgently fix it and notify you.

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$49 /mo

  • Weekly WordPress, Theme, Plugins Updates
  • Site Speed Optimisation
  • Security Optimisation & Malware Cleanup
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring
  • 1 Hour of Content Edit
  • Unlimited Bug Fixes
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Cloud Backups (1x Daily)
  • (Optional) Secure Cloud Hosting
  • Friendly Support
  • Monthly Report
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$99 /mo

  • Everything from Starter
  • Unlimited Content Edit
  • Unlimited New Posts & Landing Pages Publish (Based on Existing Template Designs)
  • Basic On Page SEO
  • Unlimited CSS Tweaks
  • Install & Configure Pre-Built Plugins
  • Cloud Backups (2x Daily)
  • WP Rocket Premium
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$129 /mo

  • Everything from Starter & Professional
  • Unlimited Existing Page Layouts Edit
  • WooCommerce Support
  • Membership Site Support
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